Hemne Videregående skole, Norway


Hemne Videregående Skole is an upper secondary school with 200 pupils, and offers both academic and vocational studies. The school also has a department that offers the teaching of Norwegian as a foreign language to non-Norwegian citizens  mainly refugees. This department has approximately 100 pupils in all.

The school is located in a remote area of Sør-Trøndelag, with the nearest city being approximately a three-hour return journey away. This means that cultural activities, such as visiting the theatre, or other school visits are limited.

The average income of our pupils’ families is inferior to the national average. Many of the students have not been abroad and therefore have limited knowledge as to foreign countries and their cultures and work opportunities. This is precisely why such a project would help them, as it would broaden their horizons and let them have a taste of the outside world, at least in Europe. This, in turn, would help them to understand that they actually share many similarities, although they may feel that they have huge differences.

Norway is a small country, population-wise, and it is vital that the students open their eyes to what it happening outside their own little world and look into and at Europe. We feel that this project would be a fantastic opportunity to achieve such a goal



Trondheimsveien 18
7200 Kyrksæterøra

Project Coordinator:

Louise Rennemo