Topic: 2. Protection of the Environment

Hey, sure, we are not going to save the planet today but what can each of us do to contribute on a small scale? Investigate existing local solutions to limit pollution, wastes as well as food and people’s carbon print when eating, shopping or working.


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1. Situation in the Different Countries

Product 1 : Let's make our countries better places!

Investigation of the local economy by visiting farms (organic or not), local producers selling their products (veggies, meat, jam, bread, cheese, honey, fish) at the local markets, local grocery stores or even in local Supermarkets and bigger outlets at home (village or city)
Compare and measure the producers, customers and products  carbon footprint to that of industrially produced food.


FR - Making our Countries a better place

NO - Making our Countries a better place

2. Natural Phenomena

Product 2 : The impact of climate change

Create presentations about a natural phenomenon due to climate change, global warming, pollution, human impact on the environment .. showing before  and after  pictures.


DE - Human Impact on Nature

FR - Impact of Climate Change

NO - Flooding

3. Local Policies (Recycling etc &)

Product 3 : Local recycling policies in Europe:

Flyers about people s habits and existing recycling solutions in your area and why is it so important to recycle (what are the positive results of recycling etc.).


DE - Recycling Bottles

DE - Recycling Waste

FR - Recycling in France

NO - Recycling of Paper

TR - Recycling Waste

4. Demonstration

Product 4 : Young Europeans awareness

Slogans to encourage people preserve your own environment, biodiversity, ecosystems - from pollution, devastation and destruction - and make some banners, design posters to be used for a demonstration to be held in Chateaulin.


DE - Demonstration against Nuclear Power

Demonstration against Nuclear Power

NO - Demonstration against Pollution

TR - Demonstration against Pollution

Visits of Local Companies


FR - Armor Lux

FR - Naval Base

Event: Protection of the Environment - France

04-20-2016 - Ch√Ęteaulin, France

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