Topic: 3. What does Europe mean to you?

This topic deals with European citizenship and young EU members sense of belonging to the EU.


France product: Survival kit


1. European sense of belonging

Product 1 : Surveys about European citizenship/European sense of belonging

The students create surveys which main question is: what does being European mean to you? They then use it in their school community, analyse and make presentations to show their Erasmus partner during their stay in France.


FR - Survey Result

NO - Survey Result

2. European students' and citizens' everyday lives

Product 2 : Europe in European students' and European citizens'  everyday lives

This product will show situations or aspects of European citizens everyday lives (transports, healthcare, environments, schools, employement... ) that result from European rules, legislation and fundings.


DE - Photostory

DE - Survey

NO - European Influence in the Workforce - Lian

NO - European Influence in the Workforce - Police

TR - European students' Lives

3. Wrap up




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Event: What does Europe mean to you - France

11-09-2016 - Ch√Ęteaulin, France

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