Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg, Paderborn, Germany


Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg is an upper secondary commercial vocational school with about 2,200 pupils. We offer both, general education and vocational studies. The students are taught by 135 teachers. The school has two departments, one in the city centre of Paderborn and a smaller one in Büren, a small town, which is 30 km away from Paderborn.

We teach full-time and part-time students and our focus lies on any kind of economic-related subjects and on ICT, since we have many companies in and around Paderborn which belong to the Information Technology sector (like Wincor-Nixdorf)
The main department of our school is situated in the city centre of Paderborn, a district town, with about 135,000 inhabitants. The gross domestic product per inhabitant in Paderborn is below the national average. Most of the students come from less privileged areas and live in rural towns outside the city centre, where the students have got few possibilities to take part in cultural activities and it often lacks money to travel to other countries. Many students have a migration background and they, or their parents, come from countries like Russia, Poland or Turkey. They often have difficulties to adapt to the German culture and to speak the language properly.



Ludwig-Erhard Berufskolleg
Schützenweg 4
33102 Paderborn

Project Coordinator:

Nicole Broer